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 Digital Video

video-camera.jpgDEVINE DESIGN has years of experience with agricultural video production in conjunction with Rhone-Poulenc, Abbott Laboratories & Valent USA.

We strive to provide affordable, professional video and film production services to our customers. When you hire us, we guarantee that there will be no surprises, no hidden charges and that you will love the final product.

It's that simple.

Whether you want to create a documentary or feature film, a corporate video, a television or radio commercial, or transform any other idea into a multi-media presentation, DEVINE DESIGN will show you the way.

With reasonable prices, excellent customer service and professional, broadcast quality results, DEVINE DESIGN is your one-stop-shop for superior video and film production services.

DEVINE DESIGN offers complete turn-key video and film production services, including:

            *Professional recording in all formats;
            *Professional sound recording;
            *Non-linear editing;
            *CD-ROM and DVD production;
            *Video duplication services.

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