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Website development and planning

Building an effective site takes more than an eye for visual design. We can help you think about your Web site as an effective communications tool to help you achieve your organization's goals.

Planning an effective web site is a natural extension of your communications plan: Articulating the goals of your organization, prioritizing audiences, and tailoring messages to convey your mission to those audiences. We'll help you translate these goals to the Web medium and develop an outline for an effective site.

We view the planning process not only in terms of creating a new site, but also the ongoing importance of maintaining and renewing the contents of the site.

Training is critical, and we will identify the basic skills that staff members will need to make the site an ongoing success.

To effectively use the web, there are a number of things you need to consider:

* The goals of your organization and, in turn, your Web site
* The audience for your web site
* The structure of the site (navigation)
* How you will draw people to your site
* How you will allocate tasks for site maintenance among staff, volunteers and contractors
* How you will evaluate the effectiveness of your site

We develop web plans based on your input. Initially, your staff members will fill out a short survey that characterizes their role in your organization, the nature of their work, their skills and technical inclination.

We will also conduct a phone interview with your director to understand organizational goals and communications strategies. Finally, we ask for any printed or electronic materials that carry your organizational branding, colors, or messaging.

Making your web site
Turning your plan into an actual web site can vary in cost. We will work with you to both meet your web site goals and stay within your budget. Call for an estimate.

To get started

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